The Creeper
'Now--' She began to fall forward only to drape her arms across Darck 's shoulders and proceeded to nuzzle her cheek.

Darck was a bit caught off guard when the taller Goddess slumped on her slightly, now in a hug and nuzzled into, just like a large cat does to something they like. Earning a laugh from the half breed, whom then patted the goddess on the shoulder.

Good morning/day/evening. I am running a simple test here. Could you possibly fill in this application for me?

What makes you unique

  • What in your heritage is uncommon/unique compared to other familylines (as in profession, certain traditions, etc etc)?: Well uh… My ancestor was known as The Decapitator, a very honorable knight, but could be vicious. As well as many hunters through out the blood line, so… We’re raised to be courageous, know archery and hunting, living off the land, and to uphold a knights sort of oath, protect those in need.
  • What traits you have that you are proud of?: I’m stubborn, which has saved me an others on many occasions. I am also fantastic at training my abilities, and have gotten damn good at manipulating these skills of mine. Particularly my fighting and shadows… But I’m also a fairly decent cook.
  • What are your interests?: Aside from fighting and protecting, I enjoy archaeology, uncovering the past type of things… I admit, when I was a child I… was obsessed with ancient Egypt, Atlantis type things, the list goes on… I also enjoy art, creeping, and gathering information. I suppose I like learning and helping people.
  • What colors, materials and patterns you like the most?: What, was my purple glasses not enough? Hah. Well, to be truthful, I do enjoy purple.. .but I also enjoy blacks, red’s, and blues. I like leathers, satins and silks, as well as stretchy type things. Patterns, hmm… I don’t think  I can choose any, as many different patterns can catch my eye.
  • What are your strongest points in things you do?: I’m great at fighting, bandaging people up, cooking… But… Honestly, I’ve been doing so much fighting… I’m starting to forget what not being in pain feels like and what care feels like.
  • Which one of these applies to you the most. - Wisdom, strength, courage: All of them honestly. Through Wisdom, one can gain Courage. However, without strength, one can not have one or the other. Strengths, Wisdom, and Courage, can come in many different shapes and sizes, and types.

Thank you for your time and effort! Sincerely, Dogi Crimson.

When is a monster not a monster?
Oh, when you love it.
Caitlyn Siehl  (via scrlett)

(( guess who just lost every single response and draft they had been working on… ))

(( That’s right, this sorry sack. ))

(( I am livid. ))

A smile spread across her face. 'I'm glad we have an understanding.'

Darck grinned back widely, hands on her hips. Proud.

"A monster?" The old devil snorted, steam billowing from his nostrils. "You wanna see a real monster, take a gander at me," he rasped, flashing a grin of sharpened teeth at the offender. "It ain't gonna be her in yer nightmares, ol fella, it's gonna be me. Now I suggest you get the hell on outta here, and leave the lil' missy alone."

… Okay this was surprising. VERY surprising, all things considered. In this current state, him defending her in some way? Maybe he thought that it was his job to be an ass to her.

But, none the less, it worked. The speaker had taken off running, rambling about demons and the end of days. Basically panicking.

"… Thank you? Are you feeling okay?" She then placed a hand to his warm forehead in confusion. "You feel your normal heat."

You have some good friends, don't you think?

"But of course."

"You’re one of them."

thebrokenphantom said: "No, monsters are people who treat others without any type of kindness or decency. You’re not like that."

Darck snorted, and smirked, pointing at Logan. “You haven’t seen me on a monday morning then. Or on a job without coffee.”

The boy didn’t bother turning to look up at her. His stance and demeanor made it clear that he was livid, even as he glared at the retreating back of the offender. “Don’t say things like that.”
A heavy sigh was given, with Darck kneeling down out of respect to meet the boys level easier while he watched the other person run away. “I’m only speaking the truth, Trevor. But not all monsters are bad, so it doesn’t quite hurt as bad as it used too.”
"… But I appreciate the assist."
He doesn’t move, just glaring straight ahead as the offender picked themselves up and fled the scene. “That doesn’t make it alright to run around and say shit like that, even if it were true.”
“You’re right, it’s true. That was rather rude of them, and they shouldn’t just go around rambling that shit off. But, Jak, people don’t always think before they speak. Aside from that, I am a Monster. But not all Monster’s are bad. Okay?” He hand softly squeezed his shoulder.
Jak snarls and lunges at the person in front of Darck, his fist connecting squarely with their jaw. He doesn't say anything, just standing over them with murder in his gaze.

Darck jerked back when Jak just lunged forwards, slamming his knuckles into the poor person that had spoken those words. At first she was surprised, frozen in place, before slowly reaching out. Patting his shoulder.

"Jaaak… You don’t need to kill them for speaking like that. It is true, after all. Come on, cooome on… Come back."

[Monster meme] "S'pose y'might have a point. I mean, folks've been usin' the term 'Monster' to refer to things they can't understand an' find abhorrent fer longer'n I care to remember. An' I can definitely see how you'd find intellect, compassion, an' bravery abhorrent an' incomprehensible." The retort would probably have slightly more serious impact if he didn't have an arm raised for a high-five from... well, anyone around, really. He doesn't seem fussy.

… Where did— Right.. .Tai did the same things she did and came from no where. She would never really get used to that… But the words he said was enough to make Darck snort. Muffling her snickering…

One hand lifted, and decided not to leave the Fennec man hanging. High fiving.

The kid punches whoever's calling his friend a monster. Yes, that's right, the ten-year-old just decked someone for picking on his half-vampire friend. No one is allowed to pick on his friends.

”!” Darck jumped when seeing Trevor outright slam his fist into the poor saps face. Who hadn’t been expecting it and fell right over, scrambling away in panic.

"Well, that uh.. .that is one way to take care of a rude person. You didn’t have to do that, Trevor, they are right."

"Hey buddy, there's a back room where you can go unwind, why don't you go do that and leave the woman alone," he shooed away the aggrivator, "Now I think I can enjoy my drink in peace."

Darck blinked a few times, coffee in her hand as she watched Logan manage to chase the individual away. A little caught off guard and surprised.

"Uh…. Thanks. But, you know he is right, Logan."