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I don’t want to change the world, I just want to leave it colder. Light the fuse and burn it up, take the path that leads to nowhere. All is lost again, but I’m not giving in. I will not bow, I will not break, I will shut the world away. I will not fall, I will not fade, I will take your breath away.


"Have some freshly made coffee. You look like you need it."

"Thank what ever diety is gazing down this day. Thank you, Anon."

Label: "We like to cause havoc and mayhem everywhere so long as something blows up."


Ding ding! We have a winnah!” 

"Damn right~! Celebration dance!"

Completely intentional on trying to get a laugh.

when was the last time you had a fresh meal from the source? i mean from someones throat, a full meal. if it's been a while, maybe feeding on someone fresh would help you feel better

"It’s been a while, I’ll admit… Hmm… Maybe.. Maybe you’re right, you might have a point there. But I’d also rather avoid having to resort to doing that unless there is no other choice, ya know?"


Who kills the bugs: Darck probably, Ada most likely wouldn’t give a single fuck.
Who hogs the sheets: Probably Ada?
Who hates mornings: Darck would, no doubt.
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Darck, so much Darck.
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: Uuuuuhhhhh?????
Who drives: Darck no doubt, Ada would have her be a get away driver.
Who gets horny in awkward public places: I don’t think either of them would.
Who had a scene phase: Not one of the other?
Who wore braces: The cat, i don’t know, but they didnt
Who got bullied: I’m not sure if Ada did or not, but Darck did a bit
Who collects ceramic elephants: They both collect weapons, i have no doubt.


He leaned into her hand again, his expression - formerly troubled - relaxing to an almost blissful one. Yep, that was definitely a sweet spot.


"Careful, there. If he catches ya doin’ that, he’ll do a lot worse than just punchin’ ya…" the ottsel mumbled, looking worried. Jak always went out of his way to avoid contact, if ever possible…

The fact that this poor guy seemed to be enjoying this sort of attention, was enough to make Darck continue it. Letting her hand completely take advantage of this little discovery of hers… However, Daxter’s words were enough to make her pause a moment.

"… You know, I really don’t doubt that. But I doubt it’d be anything too terrible… It’s hard to stop when he seems to be enjoying it so much."

But the thought that poor Daxter might get dragged into the anger or rage later, was enough to make Darck pull her hand away from the ear. Back to stroking through Jak’s hair. And now, also massaging his scalp gently. Near the base of his skull.

[[ JakxDarck, no regrets-]]

(( jesus fuk, here we go ))

Who kills the bugs: Maybe both of them, but Darck might try to get it outside at least once. Unless a certain someone was screaming about bugs.
Who hogs the sheets: Most likely Jak, as she is damn stubborn and would have to be dragged to bed or convinced to sleep, at her current situation.
Who hates mornings: Both of them would hate mornings, with a passion.
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: both of them. I mean for gods sake I have this picture.

Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: Considering Jak’s story and family… I don’t think they would hate any mothers in law.
Who drives: Jak seems to love driving, but Darck does too. They may fight over it, but Darck would let him win in the end… unless she was damn well hell bent.
Who gets horny in awkward public places: Darck has INCREDIBLE self control, she has to have it after all this time. so, this would be Jak, hands down.
Who had a scene phase: Niether one of them.
Who wore braces: Jak never had that phase, and look at Darck’s teeth, not one of the other.
Who got bullied: They both probably did, considering that Jak was a quiet kid and mute once, and Darck just generally was a strange kid.
Who collects ceramic elephants: Jak apparently collects little metal head figures, while Darck has a thing with pictures or photography now and then.

{ o n o Darck and food? }

(( i assume you mean the mun, sooo. I’ll fill it out as mun. ))

Who kills the bugs: I do, no one touches my food.
Who hogs the sheets: Me, because food has napkins and microwave.
Who hates mornings: Me, but food makes it all so much better, oh food my sweet love.
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee: Both because food needs the coffee as it is food
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law: Food, oh the poor thing.
Who drives: I would drive, IF I HAD A CAR
Who gets horny in awkward public places: Questionable at best, who knows at this point.
Who had a scene phase: Food did, have you seen some of the shit food had?
Who wore braces: NIETHER
Who got bullied: poor food, the precious thing
Who collects ceramic elephants: Does ceramic plates count

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My headcanons!

Who kills the bugs
Who hogs the sheets
Who hates mornings
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee
Who’s doesn’t like their mother in law
Who drives
Who gets horny in awkward public places
Who had a scene phase
Who wore braces
Who got bullied.
Who collects ceramic elephants.


Jak sighed through his nose, and for just a moment it seemed like he was leaning his head into her hand before it moved back to his hair. He mumbled and stirred, shifting a little against her.

"…okay, yeah. He doesn’t normally do that…"

Jeez, that chick must have a magic touch or somethin’. Anyone else would’ve woken him, for sure…if not worse.

Doesn’t normally do that… Hm… Perhaps he had enjoyed it? Maybe it’d help him be a bit more comfortable. And so, giving a small smirk -totally not an enjoyable smile-, she slid her hand back to that little point slowly. Stroking and massaging against what could only be deemed as the sweet spot.

"In that case, maybe I’ll continue it. Until he wakes up and punches me in the gut."

It could only be put down to luck, and her knowledge of anatomy and certain points, of how she could do this. One had to know these things sometimes.


That seemed to calm the twitching slightly, but there was still the occasional movement. Daxter chuckled.


"Y’know, his ears never do that normally…"

One eyebrow perked over her sunglasses at the orange Ottsel, taking a moment to glance at Jak, then back towards Daxter. Keeping her voice quiet and calm.

"Really? Perhaps it’s due to the sounds we’re making?"

Deciding to take a chance, Darck slid her hand a bit behind Jak’s ear, gently brushing the lobe and rubbing against the pressure point gently, before going back to what it was doing before. Simply toying with his strangely colored locks.


"He’s stretchy; I’d manage somehow." Whatever else Jak said faded to quiet grumbles under his breath as his eyes slowly fell shut. 

It wasn’t long before his breathing slowed, signaling he’d fallen asleep. He ended up burying his face in her shoulder, his breath not quite loud enough to be called a snore. One long ear twitched occasionally, picking up different sounds in the bar even as he slept.

As the grumpy one finally drifted out, Darck couldn’t help the light chuckle. Remaining there and completely still. Allowing Jak to rest, while gently lifting one hand to brush it through his hair. Perhaps to help keep him comfortable and asleep. The twitching long ear was rather amusing, but she didn’t touch it, for fear she may wake the poor guy.

… Daxter better now try and tease them about this, especially with how caring she seemed to be in that moment, despite being a monster hunter.

Darck, how are you feeling after finally gettin some shut eye?

A long and drawn out groan was given in response. Darck running one hand through her hair while scowling.

"Absolutely terrible. I ache every where, I see phantom movements, and I feel like walking is the last thing I want to do. Let alone be doing what I already am doing, my job."

There is very loud laughter coming from the ceiling. Laughter of a certain female creeper.



Walter froze in his attempt of trying to figure out what he could do about the sudden rabbit ears that appeared on his head. Oh bloody gods of known and unknown, NOT HER!

Walter frowned heavily. He damned whoever cursed him with this blight. He recalled not THAT long ago when she had punched him in the face. Yes…he did deserve it, but he knew much better than to believe she was harmless

"Stay….away…" Walter growled, his eyes glowing red.

Oh, that growl Walter gave only caused Darck’s grin to widen ever more. Teeth much looking like nothing but fangs. Shining and glinting off the light as she approached. “Now now, Walter~.”

Suddenly, she was gone. Without a trace. Only seconds later, when she came right up out of the other vampire’s shadow did her presence get revealed. One hand reaching up and beginning to stroke one of those brand new fluffy bunny ears.

"No need to be frightened, little bunny~."