The Creeper


and if you’re still breathing,
             you’re the  l u c k y  ones.

                            most of us are heaving through
                                                  c o r r u p t e d   l u n g s

'Certain pains are worth the hardships. Be well. I shall be watching.' And with that, the goddess left.

Perhaps deep down, Darck knew she had done the wrong thing in that moment. But she had become harder on herself, survival at times demanded it.

Slumping down, she sat, exhaling heavily. And muttering to no one at all, other than herself.

"I’m sorry…"



He glanced up at the movement, seeing the candy in Darck’s hand. He took it and surveyed it, his expression holding confusion, but then he smiled. 

"Thank you." 

He didn’t say anything else, seemingly getting lost in his thoughts as he twirled the lollipop in his fingers. 

Not a word was spoken from the halfling. Softly nodding her head in response as she stared off into the distance. Not at anything in particular. But damn did she look tired. not just physically tired, or sleepy. No, a whole new type of exhaustion. Drained. The dark circles under her eyes looking much more prominent than usual. Those usual sharp gazes she gave was dull.

So long as Jak sat there, she was tense. One leg bouncing gently, almost anxious.

Her cheerful expression soured and nearly turned sorrowful at such a statement but she was a goddess and she normally put others before herself. 'I shall do just that.' She twisted around to place a kiss on her forehead.

Now Darck just felt bad, for making Bast feel that way, watching the face of the goddess fall… Deep down, Darck just didn’t want to get anyone else hurt, or killed at her hands. did not want them turned into puppets against her, or her to turn on them. She was dangerous, and had dangerous enemies. She was a true monster, a monster that fought other monsters and trapped within it’s self. And her worst enemy, there was only two. Herself, and a man simply known as Yorick.

But, she was pulled from thought a moment at the forehead kiss, frowning deeply. “I’m sorry, Bast… I just do not wish to bring harm to those I care about, not again.”

*Silver walks over to where Darck was, sitting down next to her* hello.

Darck blinked a couple times, one eyebrow slowly raising.




"…" He doesn’t say anything, but his expression speaks volumes. He sits down next to where Darck is and just stays still, surveying the ground around his boots.

Okay, maybe that anon had gotten to him.

As she had before, Darck flinched a moment when Jak sat down next to her. Getting to a whole new level of tense… But, he was silent, the face and body language enough to go by alone. So, she remained quiet as well for a time…

One hand dug in her jacket, pulling out an elderberry lollipop, and carefully holding it out to Jak in silent offering.

Feline flopped next to Darck for little while. Friend at the hideout had promised to look after the kittens for little while so Ring could just drop for second. "Heard you had bad day?"

Darck had candy of Elderberry, a lollipop.. .and when Ring flopped down next to her, she jumped a moment. Causing her jaws to crunch down and bite the hard candy right off the stick.

"Oh, hey Ring. No, not a bad day. Just thinking. A lot. How are you and the kittens?"

'It's not easy. Being immortal is a trying experience. But it all is worthwhile for those moments you cherish with loved ones even if they pass on. Make the most of it. '

Now that made Darck feel that much heavier. The words Bast spoke rang true enough, but they twisted that dagger of guilt so much deeper.

"When you are the one that sent your loved ones to the grave, more than once, it’s not easy to do any of that."

Now, the thought hit her. Those that had gotten close to her shouldn’t get any closer. Shaking her head, the brunette ran one hand through her hair. “Hmm… Bast, whom ever is concerned of me, please… Tel them I am fine and not to worry, okay? And for their own sake, should probably not be too close to me.”

She sighed. She couldn't force anything on people and kept up this principle unless it was necessary. 'Would you at least call upon me if you feel distressed or need some job to talk to?'

A dry, and almost exhausted chuckle came from Darck, letting her head hang slightly. “It’s not my nature to call upon others when distressed or require help… I did once, nothing came of it but sorry, and then no answers. I am self reliant now…” This was followed by a heavy sigh. “I’m just so tired. And not just sleepy tired, I’m tired in every way. And I have no right to say this, when I haven’t even hit my first century.”

She wove her arm comfortably around her shoulder. 'And yet there are others dead and dammed yet still find enjoyment out of life. I know it does the heart and mind good if you took some time for yourself.'

Darck grunted when Bast put her arm around those shoulders, both of which slumping. She seemed to heavy, and just carrying herself around with confidence. Putting on a strong front for anyone that came close enough.

"Well I do. I creep around, have some sweets and Elderberry flavored things here and there… But dangerous and enemies never take a rest, nor do they take time for them selves either. Look, Bast, I appreciate it, I do, but I’m all right. Promise."

'Surviving is one thing but living is another. The quality of life has a far greater impact than the length.'

"That is true, you have a point Bast. Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80, after all… However, I am half dead, and have a lot to weigh upon my mind over the years. Living for something like me can almost make someone laugh. Just the wording of course."

She placed her hands on Darck ' shoulders. 'Concern for you. You work so hard.'

"I— Wait, what?" Now the creeper was confused, one eyebrow slowly perking. "I’m fine. Sure, my work can be hard but, someone has to do it. Why is someone concerned about me? I’ve survived plenty."

'The concern of a friend', she admitted closing the distance easily between the pair.

Quickly, Darck pushed aside her own mood or worries, getting a little more serious. “Concern of which friend? Is something wrong that I should know about?”

Always quickly to jump into work mode. Almost automatic.

'Darck ' she called suddenly.

The halfbreed had been in a deep thought, sitting there on as rock outside and staring into the distance—

When Bast called out, and it literally made Darck jump to her feet in surprise. Spinning sharply.

"Jeez, Bast. Scare me completely do death." She forced a smile. "What brings you here?"

Darck sneezed to herself, glancing around in confusion.

”.. .Someone’s talking about me.”